Stadsgarage International

The last week of April Stadsgarage fellow Baud visited Chinhoyi, a small town in de green heart of Zimbabwe. He gave a presentation at the CUT - the Chinhoyi University of Technology (LINK) about the cooperation with UASTM. This is a West African based and pan-African operating university (LINK). Together we are setting up a program for the Innov&Impact incubator where we are focussing on training agriculture graduates to become an agripreneur - entrepreneur in agriculture. From ploughing to introducing new products on the world market. Necessary in a continent where worlds largest areal of agricultural ground is situated and where agriculture needs to be upgraded because for example a country like Zimbabwe has to be less dependent on import.About 15 CUT staff member attended the meeting and the discussion afterwards was lively and enlightening. One of the questions we discussed was the huge problem of illiterate and non-educated small scale farmers. Many people have 6 hectares of farm land - hardly anyone has enough money nor knowledge to do something with it. A Memorandum of Understanding will be signed soon. 


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(NL) Stichting Stadsgarage en The Garage zijn zelfstandige entiteiten. Stichting Stadsgarage en The Garage hebben op onderdelen samenwerking maar staan ieder op zich. Beide ondernemingen hebben hun eigen entiteit. Zij dragen geen enkele verantwoordelijkheid naar elkaar en kunnen op generlei wijze aansprakelijk worden gesteld voor elkaars diensten.