[EMPOWER TV] #3 - the Empower 2.0 recommendations


This episode features all lessons learnt from the EMPOWER 2.0 journey. From the experiences in the different case studies, we have distilled policy advice for local authorities and advice for citizens interested in starting up their own local energy initiative. Both the European Commission and many local and regional governors give their impressions on EMPOWER 2.0 and on how this can help them in their work. In the studio, Virginie Platteau hosts project leader Keijen van Eijk and Suzan Leizinga from EMPOWER 2.0 who have worked on the recommendations, as well as Jurgen Vanlerberge, deputy for the Province of West Flanders in conversation with energy and climate expert Stijn Vandamme on how EMPOWER 2.0 has had an impact on the province. At the end of the episode, the EMPOWER DECLARATION is solemnly signed across Europe.