Keynote #3 – Robert Hemmen (WeSpark)


WeSpark is a cooperative Zaan energy supplier. This means that private individuals help to accelerate the transition to local and green energy. WeSpark is not just an energy company. They also give people and companies the space to generate, store, share, consume and/or sell back energy to the market.

The key to saving energy is knowing how much you use. Robert Hemmen is CEO of WeSpark and they use a device to fight energy poverty. The EARN-E is a smart monitoring tool showing users how much energy they produce and consume in real time. The EARN-E creates awareness on energy consumption. In his keynote speech (during the International Hackathon) Robert explained more about this project and called upon students to help with the EARN-E pilot.How do they do that? Robert Hemmen tells it in his keynote speech after the lunch break.

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